Thursday, September 23, 2010

Paper Money - WORTHLESS!

March 2010 Financial Times interview with Marc Faber (Wiki-Bio)

20 minute interview. Make time to watch it. I understand that many people DO NOT think that a collapse of the dollar (the world's RESERVE currency), and consequently the world's economy, is a VERY REAL possibility. PLEASE! If you are one who is not on board with preparing yourself for what may come, you must watch this!

Did you catch the part about gold and the stock markets increasing in value at the same time? Have you been watching the markets? If you've been following the markets, they've been trending up, and so has gold. And the value of the dollar against other currencies is falling.

Did you catch the names mentioned in Obama's administration?

Bernanke's monetary policy has been cited by economists as a potentially dangerous gambit that may lead to a currency crisis.

Has The US Dollar Collapse Begun?

Most of us here are the "little guy". Average people. If we screw up in our jobs, we get shown the door and often left blowing in the wind if criminal charges are warranted.

We've seen what happens when high profile people screw up in big corporations. Someone covers their backside. If they continue to screw up, or really screw up big time, they get a nice parachute. Make no mistake, the US Federal Government is a very large corporation ( United States Code: TITLE 28 > PART VI > CHAPTER 176 > SUBCHAPTER A > § 3002 see 15-a under "definitions" from the "3002" link ).

Take a look at two of the three core members of Obama's economic team:

Geithner (Wiki-bio) - May be running for the hills?

Summers (Wiki-bio) - Already running for the hills.

Wanna bet this is a sign that something really got screwed up?

Obama - Another give-away, $50 Billion! Personally, I think this is just election year posturing hoping to garner votes from affected industries. Primarily road construction, rail projects, and air travel projects. Uh, can you say pandering to unions?

Seems like Faber nailed things on the head back in March.

Matthias Chang over at the Market Oracle is warning of an imminent banking system collapse.

Banking System Collapase, on the Edge of The Precipice, Basel III

What can you do on short notice that won't drain your resources?

Food: Buy non-perishables and staples like rice, corn or corn meal, flour, dried beans, and similar. Stock up and beat rising prices, inflation (your PAPER money is worth-less), shortages and outright unavailability.

Chicago-Tribune: Food Makers Ready To Raise Prices

Inter-Press Service: Price Spike Raise Specter of Another Food Crisis

Financial News: Hedge Funds Bet On Rising Corn Demand

Water: Stock up on drinking water in case municipal supplies are impacted. Believe it or not, city services like water, waste management, and such rely on a stable currency. If they can't buy from suppliers (fuel, chemical, etc) then guess what gets shut off?

Clothing: Its still summer (for a couple of hours as I write this). Buy heavy, warm clothing and store it for a time of need. Central forced air heating is a LUXURY! You can LIVE without it, even in the worst climes if properly prepared. Don't forget gloves!

Back To The Future: Is This America Tomorrow? Just Change "Chavez" to "Obama" and "Venezuela" to "US".

Chavez Warns Venezuelan Banks

Venezuelan Currency In Freefall

Stores Shuttered In Currency Crisis

Venezuela Braces For New Violence


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