Friday, July 8, 2011

A Day In The Life Of Catman

This was today, Friday July 8th.


She came across four lanes of traffic and sideswiped me. The 911 operator didn't want to dispatch an officer because no one was injured.

I drive a commercial vehicle. The leasing company and my employer require a police report whenever a driver or vehicle is involved in an accident.

You should have seen all the freaking nonsense I had to go through when I was hit by a motorcyclist who was splitting traffic. The guy fled the scene. I hope the sumbitch was hurting for the next few days after bouncing off the side of my van and the car next to me. The parting shot he got from my truck was the driver's side oversize mirror nearly knocking him off his ride when it smacked his right shoulder. The damn side of the truck was full of bootprints and black marks from the grips on his handlebars.

If you ever run into a situation where you are involved in an accident, and the dispatcher tells you to simply exchange information with the other driver and fill out a report on line or stop by the police station to fill out a report, simply ask, "Are you refusing to dispatch an officer to an accident scene?".

You will get an officer, but you may have to wait. The calls are recorded and they do not want any lawsuits if one or any of the parties are injured or if anyone involved becomes violent, or is wanted.


Minding my own business doing a survey for the installation of some additional cameras in a very well known grocery store when it was held up.

The common belief is that bad things run in threes.

I stayed off the highways coming home and took the back roads.

I was supposed to go back to work tonight at a site where the scissor lift is known to be problematic, but the customer refuses to have it repaired and refuses to pay for a rental. The lift has left me stranded twice already on previous jobs. I think maybe I'll call OSHA on Monday, anonymously of course.

No tempting fate here.

I'm sleeping tonight with a fire extinguisher, and a CAR15 instead of my 1911 just in case. I wonder if I should dig out my suppressor.


Ken said...

...sorry to hear this,good your o.k,these bastards didn't even want to send a cruiser to my accident(cuz no injuries)and i rolled that bastard two and a half times after that bitch hit me(took'em over 40 minutes to get there,about 21 miles outa town...WTF?

AR inside(?)definitely go suppressor...

Rhino said...

Glad your ok. the damm cops don't want to get off their ass and blame it on manpower cause of lack of funds. just make sure your ass is covered. Wouldn't want ya to be jacked up and have them make an example of ya you evil gun owner u. Use supressor

idahobob said...


You really should get the hell out of Kali.

Read this:


Catman said...


I'm sorry to hear that the gendarmes in your neck of the woods are just as bad.

Guess its because there's no revenue in a traffic accident unless they can arrest someone.

Also happy to note that you apparently are suffering no ill effects after experiencing Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.


There's a bunch of hog farms just up the road. I don't think anyone is going to be making an example of me.

It took a while for the economic crap to catch up with our little town, but now we have three sworn officers (one is out after being shot by someone breaking into the local pharmacy), the other 7 making up the department are reserves and volunteers. Our police chief is part time, and dispatching is done by a neighboring city after 5 PM and on weekends.

THAT was very cool. Independence Day was very nice with all the impromptu aerial displays. Most fireworks are banned in California except for certain types in certain municipalities.

It is amazing how much freedom you have when there's no one around to enforce draconian rules and regulation.

Damage from the illegal fireworks? None.

Damage caused by the "safe and sane" fireworks? A grass fire and a garbage can fire.


I would if I could. As soon as I'm able to, the family and I are gone. One of the reasons I've been absent is because I've been creating trusts and corporations. I've been moving assets into them just in case we DO have to run away.

Mayberry said...

You should try driving an 18 wheeler in Laredo. YEE-HAW, me makeum Ford Festiva sammich! They don't fare too well when cutting in front of an overloaded Kenworth...

HAAAAAA!!!! Word verification= reasembl! No Number Five, no reasembl Festiva sammich.

idahobob said...


Ya know that y'all have an open invite to come visit us, any time....yes?