Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Robbed! Not me......sort of

I told y'all last night I had to work. A fellow coworker and I were busy unpacking new gear that had to be installed last night at that wonderful store often referred to by Mayberry as "Chinamart".

It was a few minutes before closing time, and the calls were going out across the store's PA system for people to make their final selections etc. etc. etc.

A couple of guys walk in and head to the back of the store. In a few moments there's all this commotion over these guys trying to steal a TV. They hadn't actually left the store with it, but everyone gets all excited because they're acting suspiciously.

Meanwhile a woman quietly walks in, and while everyone is preoccupied with these two TV non-thieves, helps herself to $26,000.

Then walks out.

It was nearly 10 minutes before anyone realized what had happened.

The two guys left without the TV. I'm sure they got a cut of the 26K payday.

Meanwhile, I was busy tearing out the old and installing the new.

Gerald Celente is famous for saying, "When people lose everything, and have nothing left to lose, they lose it!" Gerald predicted crime waves as a trend for 2011.

And it seems he was right.

Polite Robber: 'I'm Robbing You, Sir'

Durham seniors warned against opening doors to polite thief

These two examples do not really seem to fit our common conception of most criminals.

There's more robberies, home invasions, burglaries, and all manner of petty crimes than I can ever recall seeing in the news.

Our little town's police blotter has expanded over the past five years from maybe 4 inch column, mostly noise complaints and traffic stops, to a third to half a page full of assaults, beatings, thefts, drunk and disorderly, and people prowling around at 1 am. The troubling thing is, most of the people listed for the more serious issues are not residents.

Hope things are staying calm in your neck of the woods. It seems pretty clear that it is just going to get worse.

Oh yeah, someone stole a hubcap off my truck today.


chinasyndrome said...

Catman, Here in Indy,crime is up.I don't watch local news very often,but I am hearing of carjackings,armed robbery's,police shootings actually shooting the police.The MSM said 9 police officers killed in one week a while back. Hell we had 9 or 12 shot in one week? Tired don't remember which. But yes even in the ritzy area I work and live is getting hit.I only get to live here cause I work here.Chinamart parking lots have had 3 robbery's in last couple weeks here.Be careful folks!


idahobob said...

Up here, in the boondocks, things stay pretty quiet.

Not sayin' that it is going to stay that way when there is no food on the local grocery store shelves.

We still do not lock our cars here.


Ken said...

...same here,local small crime's up..."non residents" 99% of the offenders,smash and grabs,strong arm snatches,etc...of course,even thieves don't shit in their own yard,but alot of these guys are from out'a
...anyway,yer right Brother,it's gettin'worse daily...keep yer clan aware...

Shy Wolf said...

I don't have 'honest' stats (aka FBI reports, etc), but if I can go by the scanner, local news (even if it is MSM) and what neighbors and others are saying, crime is definitly on an upswing in this rural area. More robberies of boht personal and business, suspicious housefires, car thefts, shootings/knifings/beatings- including polezei- than I can think of in the last 60 years (I didn't pay attention to things like that before I was four).
It sure ain't lookin' good for the home team, guys. Stay alert and press-check every time you walk out the door.
Catman, I'm glad you're safe. Stay that way. (It ain't a suggestion, my Friend.)

Catman said...

Hi China,

Wow. Robberies in the Chinamart parking lot. Do you know if they're going after people who have cashed checks there, or are they holding people up for merch?


When we first moved here, people didn't lock their doors or vehicles either. That behavior has stopped.


Do you know which states the perps are from? It is weird, Ca has a high unemployment rate, but I've been seeing more cars than usual with out of state plates, and not from the states that border Ca. The ones I see most are Illinois, Texas, Alabama, and Georgia.


I don't know why, but I can't comment on your blog. I go there and read what you post, but the comment form never appears. Very strange.

No need to worry, my friend. I'll stay safe. I carry a hatchet with me. "No, officer, its not a weapon. Its a tool."