Monday, July 30, 2012

Thicker and Darker

I had to build a new PC as the motherboard in my old one died. Of course, it was a used motherboard when I got it, and it lasted about 6 years, so I'm not complaining too loud. Especially since I had left the case open and one of the cats decided to pee on the motherboard a couple of years back. Yeah, cleaning cat urine out of a PC isn't fun. It freaked my neighbor out because I stripped the drives and power supply out and took the rest outside and used a hose to flush it out.

He couldn't believe I was hosing out a computer. Afterwards, I disassembled the remainder, took the motherboard and other cards and put them in a plastic bucket one at a time and rinsed them out with denatured alcohol. Dried the case out with a rag, and put all the pieces in the sun to completely dry.

Reassembled, and turned it on.

Don't laugh, many electronic devices get sent through something that looks like a dishwasher when they're cleaned. The water is de-ionized and has no dissolved solids, and thus is not a conductor.

If anything electronic gets wet, turn it off and remove the batteries or disconnect the power source. If you can disassemble it, take it apart and rinse it out with denatured alcohol. It's found at paint and hardware stores by the quart, gallon, or 5 gallon cans. Set it aside to dry. The kid's iPod took a bath, and it was saved this way.

The bonus is you can save the used alcohol (a little water won't hurt) for cooking fuel if you ever need to. Don't save it if it has cat urine in it though.

I looked around and found Intel D945GNT boards are available still, but I couldn't wait for a direct replacement.

So, new ASUS board and re-install all the software on a blank drive. Now I'm moving stuff from the old system drive over so I have everything I need at my finger tips.

There's a couple of things that I found that might be of use to you in my re-engineering of my system. One, if you're a fan of Coast To Coast AM and a Streamlink subscriber, apparently the old Coast To Coast AM Media Center is no longer available. I found people in various forums looking for a copy, so if you want it, it can be found here:

I don't like iTunes, and this utility directly downloads the day's show as soon as it is available into a directory you choose. You'll need to have your user name and password handy when you install.

Two, I found that Firefox has an add-on that directly plugs a proxy server into your browser. It is easy to enable and disable as you need. There's two flavors, pay and free. I've found the free version quite adequate for what I do when I need some privacy and also a phony European IP address. There are sites that check your IP, and if you have an American IP, you're automatically blocked.

Check out: AnonymoX

When it comes to our Second Amendment, it seems that storm clouds are becoming ever thicker and darker on the horizon.One of the conservative justices sitting on the Supreme Court came out and said that guns may be regulated. Justice Scalia has been roundly attacked for even suggesting such a thing, but I'm going to push your thinking in another direction.

Justice Scalia is probably not in favor of what he has "suggested". I think he's poking the more conservative and libertarian minded individuals and trying to get them to awaken to what a very real threat is still posed to the Constitution and every American's rights and liberties. 

We also have to realize we're the kind of people that will get in a knock down, drag out fist fight in a street. After the fight, we'd offer the other guy a hand up and go have a drink with him. Our attitude towards our enemies throughout history shows this. Germany, Japan, even Iraq and Afghanistan.

I think he's saying, "You think you beat the UN Small Arms Treaty. You think with all the gun sales and people getting wise to the government that all this nonsense is going away and the anti-gun forces will admit that they're wrong. You think tomorrow is going to be a better day. I know you're wrong."

The other side in this fight are like termites. They never rest. They're eating out the substance of our nation and leaving a shell. A shell that will collapse once enough of the structure is gone.

He may be laying out for everyone to see the potential road map that the forces who would disarm us are planning to take. It would be imprudent for him to take what could be seen as an overtly political stance as evidenced in this interview with Fox.

From the Government Executive website: "Scalia, a septuagenarian, said he had given no thought to retiring. "My wife doesn't want me hanging around the house," he joked. But he did say he would try to time his retirement from the court so that a justice of similar conservative sentiments would take his place, presumably as the appointee of a Republican president. "Of course I would not like to be replaced by somebody who sets out immediately to undo" what he has spent decades trying to achieve, the justice said."

He is wise enough to understand that people don't live forever, and it sounds like he plans on staying on the court until someone similar to him can be appointed, but given the previous acts (Vince Foster, Ron Brown, etc) of the forces arrayed against free Americans, it might be a good idea to keep watching closely.

Already the anti-gun crowd is trying to seize even the smallest of crumbs in order to build their loaf of bread. Three Simple Steps are being pushed towards Obama and his crowd.

Speaking of the acts of the forces of evil, did you see this?

Read more here

Second Gas Mask found at the scene of Colorado Theater Shooting

This fight over small arms isn't over. The UN is just changing the name. The important bits will get buried in other treaties, and the Fools on The Hill will pass them and congratulate themselves they've put another nail into the coffin of the drug trade or human trafficking. Just wait, there will be something in there about magazines or parts. Another will have something about transfers. Bits and pieces. Little chunks. A termite sized bite.

Keeping computers and the internet safe means no high capacity magazines.

You know the drill.


HermitJim said...

Good info as always, brother! Thanks for sharing it!

Mayberry said...

I would like to think you are right about Scalia. I would really like to think you are right about Scalia....

The fight has only just begun, and I'm afraid that much blood will be shed in the not too distant future. They got away with the Katrina gun confiscation. They will not get a second chance.