Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Coming To A City Near You.


Trying to get ahead of the ball.

The Anatomy Of A Flash Mob

The "Race" Card: "You have damaged your own race."


Anonymous said...

Mr C

This is beta-testing the last tool available for the LibProgFools who've Cultimulcherally Enriched metro enclaves of Amerikwa

Given 'Bongo and Dept of JustUs Holders' track record, we can reasonably assume the racebaitin' Revrhuns and the usual GuiltyWhiteGang will come out against this eventually.

The ChimpTroops understand they've been greenlighted from the top; what do they have to loose ?

I used to think that LA Basin would be the start, with LaRasssa and Compton-ites featured, but Philly and al-Chicago are looking strong

Prepare Accordingly

Anonymous said...

I see the productive fleeing the cities and the natives and the Free Shit Army in their very own war zone.

Going to be a sad sight to see, but I have popcorn and am working on increasing the tribe.

God protect us, the Remnant that will remain. We will need it.


shinerbock said...

Yep, pretty much what he said...