Monday, April 25, 2011

Spot The Illegal Alien

In the short film clip below, an illegal alien is present.

Your task is to identify which person is not in the country legally.


You have to wonder why it would appear that these people are "invisible" to so many in various government agencies and law enforcement.


Anonymous said...

just shoot them all; how can you miss???

and are you legal??? who cares!!!1

welcome to Earth...

just don't feed or touch the humans...


HermitJim said...

This isn't our country belongs to them more and more!

They turned their own country into a toilet, and now they are doing that here in the states!

Spud said...

That's what the Native Americans said long ago...Seems to me that they are just reclaiming that which was stolen by our ancestors.

Anonymous said...

"Stolen by our ancestors"?
There are laws now about entering our country. And laws about entering theirs.
Obey the law. Become a citizen, be here legally, obey the laws of the country where you live.
Anna Mouse

Spud said...

I said ancestors...
One of the many problems we have today, is selective hearing.
I should think that native americans also had their laws...
Blame those which hire illegals.
You would do the same were you poor and desperate.