Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Must Read Article: 25 Signs That Point To Nuclear War

25 Signs That Point To Nuclear War is an article that, IMHO, everyone out there should read.

Currently the site, 1913Intel, seems to be down. However, one can read the article cached over on Google's servers by clicking this link: 25 Signs That Point To Nuclear War.

In a nutshell, the article goes down the list of events and circumstances that have historically brought about large scale conflicts. We are seeing today nearly every single stressor that has, in the past, lead to an outbreak of hostilities. Everything from economic shocks, resource shocks (food, water, raw materials), displaced foreign populations that refuse to assimilate into their host communities, to expansionist dreams of rising political, religious, economic and military powers.

If the threat of nuclear war seemed remote, and if you're not sure of where to start in regards to planning for it, maybe dispelling the myths surrounding survival of a nuclear war will assist you in getting started. The Dangers Of Nuclear Weapons: Myth and Fact.

Those of us who remember the insanity of the 1970's through 1990's anti-nuclear movement have borne witness to an extreme level of propaganda and intentional disinformation designed to terrorize an ignorant population. Remember "only cockroaches will survive"?

Check out the below Mythbusters clip where insects were exposed to ionizing radiation many more times than the lethal dose for humans, and much more than one would ever see in the case of nuclear fallout except in locations where multiple large warheads were detonated. These would be large cities, research and development facilities (military labs), production facilities, and military installations.

Now compare this to the facts provided in The Dangers Of Nuclear Weapons: Myth and Fact. Pay attention to the graph that indicates the progressive decay of fallout radiation, where in as short a time as two days, one would be able to exit a shelter for brief periods and after approximately two weeks be able to stop using them.

Be sure to check out the other chapters available from Nuclear War Survival Skills (look at the left side of the page) for tips on constructing expedient shelters to building your own fallout meter from materials you may already have. Other needs such as air, food, water and sanitation are covered.

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