Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Obama Using Stolen Social Security Number?

This is kind of dated news, but I missed it when it made the rounds back in late 2009. It has recently come back around again.

World Net Daily: Obama Uses Connecticut Social Security Number

The problem is, Obama has never lived in Connecticut. Allegedly, when the number was issued, he was living in Hawaii. Makes sense to me......

YouTube has a video: Obama 119 Years Old?

Well, being an illegal alien, what else would you expect?

Things have been crazy here lately with my job and I've not had much free time. What little time I've had, I've used to go kill zombies on line. I kind of look at it as time spent in a simulator training for a not too distant future. Sometimes you just need to blow off steam.

Mayberry has his duct tape. I have my zombies.


Unknown said...

LOL @ duct tape and zombies. I sure know where you are coming from

HermitJim said...

Duct tape and zombies...two of life's necessities!

Anonymous said...

You know only us "right wing fringe elements" will be the only ones taking note of this. Otherwise, no one will say or do anything about it.
"Business as usual."

chinasyndrome said...

So not only is he possibly an illegal,committing a fraud,he is also committing identity theft.