Saturday, January 2, 2010

Iran: Unarmed Crowd Attacks Government Gunman

A lesson for all of us.

A government can impose its will on people, and as long as most of the public lives its day to day lives without too much interference, the people will grumble but not much else.

As the rules of a government become more intrusive, more people will speak out, and demonstrate.

As the rules of a government become onerous, people will revolt.

Government actions against the people in order to quell dissent, and pacify the populace often have the opposite effect.

In the above video, a Basiji opens fire on a crowd of unarmed demonstrators, but instead of scattering, the crowd rushes the gunman, chasing him down the street.

I have to wonder how long until the same types of actions are witnessed here in American streets. Unlike Iranians, who are forbidden to own weapons, American neighborhoods often outgun their local police forces, and maybe even the local military reserves.

Our government has relied on fear and intimidation to keep people in line. People always fear losing what they have worked a lifetime to acquire. Homes, cars, property, bank accounts, families.

But as more and more people lose everything they have due to the collusion of corrupt politicians, corporations, and a biased legal system, how many of them will just say "Eff this. I'm going down, and so are they."?


Mayberry said...

Good for them. Can't wait 'till Americans grow balls half that size...

idahobob said...

Put and keep the "skeer" in 'em.


Catman said...

Hey Mayberry,

Maybe this year....

Bob, you're right. Governments should fear the people, not the other way around.