Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Century Of Self

The Untold History Of Controlling The Masses Through The Manipulation Of Unconscious Desires

This is another BBC documentary, and the posting of it was brought about by the discussion of a couple of books in The Prepper Network chatroom. The books discussed briefly were "The Human Zoo", and "The Naked Ape".

I openly wondered if some of what is postulated in these two works can explain what has happened here in this country politically. Unfortunately, I think it is quite possible that the authors have found the root cause of the collapse of our political infrastructure.

If you're interested in the chat, visit Survival Times and you will see a link to it on the right. The chat is brought to you by Wolfe over at Wolfe's Blog. Thank you, Wolfe!

As an aside, I learned in the chat that some people have difficulty reading my blog due to the colors and fonts used. I've put a poll up on the right. Please let me know if you'd like a more visually friendly format. To be quite frank, I had intended to just have this as a vanity blog and never actually expected people to be reading it on a regular basis. If I can make things easier for you by changing it up a bit, I have no problem doing it, so please let me know your thoughts.

Part One: Happiness Machines

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Part Three: There is a policeman in our heads; He Must Be Destroyed

Part IV : Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering


Ken said...

...Great bunch of posts Brother,like the one about lockpickin'...i used to be pretty good at 'jimmying' locks...i got a lil set of 'tools'...
...focus...anyway,great reads my man..

Stephanie in AR said...

I've been reading a book on the Victorians & it is saying the same thing. Victorians get a bad rap (or bad PR if you please) but what we have today is exactly what they predicted would happen - including the politics, nanny state, and handouts. They weren't listening then, their not listening now...