Sunday, May 31, 2009

BBC Production: Operation Gladio

I had heard of a program called "Operation Gladio" while I was active in a certain organization. I then learned that the BBC had assembled a documentary on the program back in the 1990s.

Operation Gladio was a program operated by the CIA and MI6 (SIS) where weapons and materials were cached around Europe to equip resistance fighters should the USSR ever invade. Part of the program was allegedly to maintain a network of operatives who would engage in "wetwork" once they found themselves behind enemy lines.

Allegedly, many of these assets and materials were used for state sponsored terrorism designed to move populations in one direction or another.

Guess what I found on Google Video!

This is a very interesting series, and it shows a theme that we have all become far too familiar with. Subterfuge, misdirection, lies, and outright deceit by our governments.

It would seem that I'm a wee bit late to the party as it would seem that many others have drawn attention to the program in other venues.

I have never had the opportunity to see this series, and so I thought that maybe some of you had also missed it, and might enjoy it as well.

Part 1: The Ring Masters

Part 2: The Puppetteers

Part 3: The Foot Soldiers


HermitJim said...

I've never heard of these people before, nor seen the videos. Pretty scary stuff...but now days I have to admit that nothing is much of a surprise to me.

Thanks for calling my attention to this!

Catman said...

Hey Jim,

I have found since I started blogging, that the people who have and are orchastrating this push towards a fear based global society have left their fingerprints and tags all over the events that push a cowed public in a particular direction.

It is maddening to try and keep up with all of the evidence that continues to pile up. People like Alex Jones do an amazing job of trying to get the public to look at the events unfolding around them.

Often when I speak to co-workers, they don't understand how a "conspiracy" can outlast a generation of conspirators. Once all but two are dead, it ceases to be a conspiracy according to most of the conversations.

Then I point out corporations to them, and how some of them have lived, essentially unchanged, for a hundred years.....

Sanjac said...

Video currently "unavailable" strikes again.

Catman said...

Whoa...that is unbelievable. I had heard that this gets pulled down repeatedly. I'll see if I can find it somehwre else and link to it.

It is truly worth watching.