Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Globalism, Protectionism, and Riots

If you've never been over to George Ure's site, UrbanSurvival, please take a moment to head on over there this morning.

He's posted an article "New Depression Old Whipping Boy" that deserves a read. It's a boiled down post on international trade workings, and why a depression may actually be good for us and bad for the global elites in the long run.

And in other news, The Independent reports "Beijing rocked by 26 Million lost jobs". China always plays its cards pretty close to the vest, and it is difficult for anyone (even the Chinese) to get a look at what is happening in China.

Reports have filtered out that there is massive social unrest in areas of China.

When American Prepper (Tom) was out here a week or so ago and we had lunch together, he asked me to post some videos that I had of a riot that occurred in China.

The story is that this riot happened just before the opening of the Olympics in August of last year. People in this city had become fed up with the corrupt police, and burned the police station down as well as several other government buildings. I'm not sure if it's in the videos, but I had seen a still shot of the police trapped on the roof of the burning station afraid of facing the mobs below.

Bear in mind that the average Chinese does not have access to guns or explosives. This will really illustrate to you what a group of angry people can do without weapons. Imagine what it will be like when really angry people have access to weapons.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Amazing what the Amereeking news networks will not show us.

The Truth.

Seems great sensationalism; wonder why we don't see it?

And bet the media figure spewing forth the day's crapoleum ain't even aware that real shit is going down; just read a ticker and went home to oogle Pat& Vanna...

Bullseye said...

Good to see people that stand up for what's right. Some lessons could be learnd here. Thanks Catman.